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Sensory Activities – the Montessori Way

Hi parents, 


Have you heard of sensory activities? In short, sensory activities involve stimulation of a child’s senses such as taste, smell, touch and hearing. There are many benefits to sensory activities such as encouraging problem solving skills, enhanced creativity and stimulating curiosity within children. 


At St George Montessori, sensory activities are embedded within the curriculum. This is to ensure your child gets the most out of their time with us. Montessori sensory activities include Montessori sorting trays and water play. If this interests you, you can have a look at our Montessori curriculum on our website


One sensory activity that would be great for you and your children to participate in would be making non-toxic playdough! Head over to our Instagram page and follow the easy steps in our recent Reel! If you make this playdough don’t forget to share it to Instagram and tag us (@stgeorgemontessori)!