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In the Montessori classroom, children are given the freedom (within limits) to choose what work they will do and for how long they will engage in that activity. The room is divided into seven interconnected areas of activities to assist children in their development.

Practical Life

Provides the children with practical life activities, giving the child a feeling of dignity, accomplishment, self-confidence and independence. Activities in this area give children the chance to develop skills to care for themselves and their environment. These exercises establish the ‘work cycle’ in which work is chosen, completed and returned to its place prepared for the use of the next person. They offer ‘repetitive cycle’, which helps the child establish patterns of order and sequencing. Examples include daily living tasks such as pouring juice, putting shoes on, sweeping and buttoning a shirt. They also help children to concentrate, to expand their attention span and to improve their eye-hand coordination.


Allows children to use their senses to learn about the world, such as colour, size, sound, texture or shape. They help to develop the child’s visual, auditory and physical senses. Some Montessori materials such as geometric solids, are concrete representations of mathematical concepts that appear in later schooling.


Language activities and materials increase vocabulary and conversational skills, develop sound identification, reading and writing skills and begin an understanding of grammar. The children use simple sandpaper textured letters and the wooden alphabet to develop skills in writing and then later into reading.

Mathematics Activities

Hands on experience with maths materials give children clear, concrete impression on which to build their own abstractions. Special materials such as spindle boxes and bead bars allow the child to see what “nothing” or zero looks like.


Studies about countries and activities with snacks from other countries and international celebrations are all part of geography. Equipment include wooden puzzle maps.


Studies of plants and animals include parts of various plants, vertebrates, habitats and weather conditions that support particular plants and animals and for the kindergarten level children, studies of the planets.

Art, Culture & Music

Painting, colour mixing, collage and printmaking,
carefully chosen music and musical instruments
are just some of the activities provided.

To compliment the Montessori curriculum, we also follow the Early Years Learning Framework. The combination of these two curriculums provides a well balanced, holisitic learning program that provides a strong foundation of learning and development for each child.

Early Years Learning Framework

Our curriculum is child initiated, play based and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This combination develops the child's core learning not only for the classroom but for life.

Nature & Sustainability

We are not only passionate about learning in the classroom setting, but we believe that nature and the environment plays a key role in education. Each of our centres has a sustainability plan which includes vegetable gardens, worm farms and chickens. Children are encouraged to collect eggs from the chickens, water and harvest the vegetable gardens as well as putting scraps into our worm farms which produce fertiliser for our gardens.

I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old who have been attending for a year now. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful staff.
Kenneth Garcia
My children feel at home in this lovely centre. I can't speak highly enough of the educators, they treat the children like their own. We are very happy with the decision we made to send our children here.
We have been at the Centre for 18 months now and couldn’t be happier. Our Almost 2 year old looks forward to going, and speaks about her educators when she’s not there, which is a great sign that she feels safe and secure in her surroundings. There’s always great communication from the staff and thorough cleaning happening at the end of each day. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our friends and families to the centre, and know their little ones would be well cared for.
I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and have used various daycare’s in Kindergartens and this is by far the very best I have ever used.
Emma Shook
We have been super happy with the care our daughter has been receiving at St George Montessori Hammondville since we started. From her first day she felt welcomed as the staff said hello and called her to play with them, which makes dropping off so much easier. She has loved all the teachers and her classmates in the Clever Cookies room full of great bonding and learning. We have had bad experiences in the past at other centres where she used to cry so much during drop off and didn't look forward to day care, whereas at St George Montessori Hammondville we have had the opposite. She not only looks forward to her three days there but also wants to go on her days off. She learns a lot of basic skills, the school readiness program is great, and she learns so many creative activities she doesn't want to leave.
Priya Patel
When we started with our son we were unsure about the center as we were new in the area. So thought of trying for couple of months but the journey has been wonderful. It’s been nearly 2 years now and it’s another home for us. He enjoys fully and we are relaxed when we are at work. Caring staff, good food, he is really learning a lot and getting ready for Kindergarten next year.
My daughter has been apart of the St George Montessori Peakhurst family for the past 4 years and I would not have it any other way. As a parent, my priorities were to ensure that my daughter is at a fun, dynamic, nurturing, educational and happy place and St George Montessori has proven to be just that! The centre is immaculately maintained both inside and outside and the staff are friendly and encouraging to the children. From the minute you walk in, you are greeted with warm smiles by staff members who truly treasure and love the kids. They go above and beyond to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment and I am continuously pleased with the remarkable progression in my daughter’s development both cognitively and socially. This is because the teachers always effectively plan, implement and immerse the children in activities that stimulate their growing minds and this helps prepare them for school. I have loved working in partnership with the staff who send daily feedback about my daughter's progress and reflection of her day, to ensure they support her wellbeing and learning.
Both my boys have been attending St George Montessori- Peakhurst for the past few years. I absolutely love the centre, the staff and the care they provide for my kids. The staff are so warm towards myself and my kids. When I enter the centre you feel a warm and safe environment. They always have amazing activities set out for kids and amazing programs. Having my boys in this centre has been such a relief. As a parent I know 100% my kids are taken care and most important my kids love it! Thank you to St George Montessori and the amazing staff for all their hard work and for making the centre feeling more like a home for my kids!
Nina Curumez
My son has been only been attending St George Montessori Peakhurst West for a couple of months but in that time he has thrived and grown in so many ways. He absolutely loves going everyday and always comes home telling us all the fun stuff he did. He adores the teachers and so do we! They are truly caring and loving and I can see that in the way my son runs and hugs them every morning. Knowing that our son is in the best hands is so reassuring as a parent. The centre is beautiful...so clean and equipped with everything needed to fill our son’s day with education and lots of fun! Sending our son to St George Montessori Peakhurst West is the best decision we made.
Erinee Abboud
My daughter loves attending St George Montessori. The learning program is world class and the teachers are passionate about what they do and make everyday interesting and different for my child. I am so happy with the experience we have had.