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Optometrist Tips for Parents

Do you ever wonder about your child’s eye health? We know it can be hard sometimes trying to figure out all the answers as a parent. This is why we have interviewed Gina, Founder and Optometrist at Lighthouse Optometrists and asked her all the common questions surrounding children’s eye health. Keep reading to learn more!


How often should I get my child’s eyes checked?

We usually recommend  yearly reviews for kids. Children’s vision can be very demanding at school while reading, learning and playing sports. This also means that if anything is to change with their vision, it can disrupt their schoolwork.

Your child may be due for an eye test if they start complaining of their eyes getting tired, feeling irritable and sore, blinking frequently or having trouble maintaining concentration when reading.

When should my child have their first eye test?

Preferably before they start formal schooling in Kindy. There are a number of programs available that allow children in pre-school to have vision screening to detect any issues early on, but these are not as thorough as an optometrist’s eye test.

Even children as young as a few months old may require an eye test if they are having any problems with their eyes. Obviously as they are too young to communicate or know themselves of any issues, there are important signs to watch out for that can indicate issues. This includes one or both eyes turning in or out randomly, poor motor development or lack of spatial awareness. In very young babies, it can also be as simple as the baby not making eye contact when you are talking to them.

7 Tips to protect your child’s vision:

  1. Limiting screen time
  2. Spend more time outdoors
  3. Wear sunglasses
  4. Eat more vegetables/healthy diet
  5. Avoid eye rubbing
  6. Promote good eye hygiene, wash face and eyes every morning
  7. Gets eyes tested regularly

What is normal eye sight for 3 year old?

Should be able to identify people easily and pictures easily in books.


What are some foods that help improve vision?

With most eye issues you can’t prevent it with certain foods. However eating more of certain foods can help keep the eye healthy and prevent certain eye diseases e.g. green leafy vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids and carrots.

Does TV affect childrens eyesight?

Yes it can especially if children sit too close to a screen and for long periods of time.


Are iPads bad for children?

They should be used in moderation, not too close to your eyes and with good room lighting on.

Blue light protection glasses help to limit the effects of devices on eyes.


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