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Science Week 2022!

Hi parents, in honour of science week we have found a fun, quick and easy way to join in on the science festivities at home. Did you know that dry erase markers are insoluble? That means they can’t be dissolved in water. So if you draw on a hard surface, like your bathroom sink or a plate and then pour water over it, the drawing will float! If you want to bring a little magic into your children’s lives try out this super easy experiment. 



  • Dry erase markers
  • White plate 
  • Water 

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  • Get a white plate from the kitchen 
  • Fill a glass with water
  • Gather your dry erase markers together
  • Draw fun shapes with your little ones all over the plate
  • Once complete, slowly pour water on the edges of your drawings and watch your creations come to life! 


If you find this experiment fun, post it and tag us @stgeorgemontessori on Instagram so we can see your creations!


At St George Montessori, we understand the importance of STEM and actively incorporate that into our curriculum. At Peakhurst South for example, the children have the opportunity to interact with a maQueen robot. This is essential as children are exposed to various technologies and tools to support their learning.