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NSW’s Start Strong Affordable Preschool fee relief program

We are proud to announce that all our centres offer the Start Strong program! 


What is the Start Strong Program?

The Start Strong affordable preschool initiative is a fee relief initiative run by the New South Wales Government to assist Australian families in preparing children for Primary School. The Program will be made available for all NSW three to five year old children and can help parents save up to $2,110 a year per child on their childcare fees. By having access to the Start Strong program, children have the chance to access incredible resources and get a head start on their educational journey before commencing “big school”. Our preschool and school readiness programs provide both Montessori and play-based learning led by our passionate and qualified Early Childhood teachers and educators.


To assist our parents with questions relating to the program, we have compiled a list of FAQs about the program:


How does the Start Strong program for long day care centres work?

Families attending our preschool/school readiness program will receive up to $2110 per year subsidy for every child, who is at least 4 years old, on or before 31 July 2023 and enrolled with us. It will be paid over 10 months to family accounts at $211 per month. You can break this down to a weekly fee relief of $40.57 ($2110/52 weeks).

With the Start Strong Program, families will be saving $40.57 per week. Families will be provided the equivalent of 5 days per fortnight of affordable preschool for all children in department preschools! This fee relief initiative is only available to families for one childcare centre of their choosing. 

You can only receive this subsidy at one centre at a time. If you need help, speak with your Centre Manager.


How to Apply? 

To apply for the Start Strong Fee Relief Initiative, you will need to complete a declaration form to select which early learning centre you would like to receive the subsidy from. To receive this form, speak with your centre manager.



All NSW families are eligible regardless of Citizenship or residency status. The Start Strong funding is additional to and does not affect families’ Child Care Subsidy (CCS) payments. To be eligible for the Start Strong Affordable Preschool fee relief program, your child will need to be at least 4 years old on or before 31 July 2023, be enrolled in an eligible preschool program (or long day care centre like us) for at least 600 hours per year.


Benefits of Our Start Strong/Preschool program 

  • Our Montessori curriculum provides children with the head start and foundations of learning concepts such as Mathematics, literacy, science, geography, arts and culture.
  • Learning how to become an effective learner
  • Developing and extending their communication and language skills
  • Building self-confidence and social skills
  • Building understanding of identity and culture
  • Learning to be creative through arts, dance and music
  • Developing skills in literacy and numeracy.


If you would like more information about the Start Strong program, click here