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Montessori Spotlight

Montessori Spotlight – Trinomial Cubes!

At St George Montessori we believe learning is an excellent way to expand children’s imaginations, build confidence and harvest inner creativity. What better way to encourage a child’s learning than with our Montessori resources?

In our Montessori Spotlight, we will be focussing on Trinomial Cubes!

What are Montessori Trinomial Cubes? 

They are a sensorial resource made of coloured wood, encased inside a hinged wooden box. The cube is made up of 27 blocks, 3 cubes and 24 prisms!

Montessori Trinomial Cubes can be used for children aged 3 years – 6 years old, and they are a great resource for children to encourage interactive learning.

What are the Benefits of Montessori Trinomial Cubes?

  • Helps develop fine motor skills in children
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages concentration
  • Boosts learning through encouraging order of operations
  • Prepares children for learning mathematical concepts
  • Refines dexterity
  • Allows increased self-confidence within the child

Evidently there are a plethora of benefits to children participating in Montessori activities in their early years of learning, that are building the foundations of their future learning!

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