Sustainability at St George Montessori

Sustainability is really important to us and it is woven into our daily program so we can teach the children the importance of caring and making a difference to the environment.

A few fun ways that we support sustainability are:

  1. Chickens: Our chickens are at all of our centres. Not only does it encourage nature play but the children collect the eggs daily and these are used in cooking at the Centre. Lunch scraps are given to both our chickens and the worms in our worm farms.  The chickens also help to keep away pests from our veggie gardens which makes our vegetables organic as we don’t use any sprays on them.
  2. Veggie Gardens: Each centre has it’s own vegetable patch and gardens. Part of the daily routine is caring for these plants and the children are encouraged to water them. Vegetables are collected and used in our recipes.
  3. Worm Farms/Compost: Our centres are also home to worms! Worms help with creating our fertiliser for our gardens and they also love scraps which means nothing goes to waste!

Sustainability practices teach our children that caring for the environment is important and there are simple ways that we can do to help make our planet greener!