Parent Resource: How to help your child settle into childcare

We are so excited that you have taken the step to enrol your child into early education and care! Now that you have enrolled, what are the next steps to prepare and help your child settle into care?

Our Area Manager Dali has put together some helpful tips to assist families to make the transition smoother.

Starting care can be emotional for both the parent and child but we hope with these tips that you can help support your child as much as possible through the settling in phase.

1. Orientation visits

Before your child commences, plan an orientation visit (or visits). This is a great opportunity to allow your child to be familiar with their new environment and get to meet the educators. We are also happy if you would like multiple short visits leading up to your start date. During your orientation visit, feel free to discuss any routines your child may have with their educator. 

2. Separation Anxiety

One of the most emotional times when commencing care is the separation anxiety experienced for both the child and caregiver. It is never easy saying goodbye! Some ways that you can help prepare is prior to starting:

  • If possible leave your child with a trusted carer so they get used to being cared for by someone else.
  • Talk to them about what is happening and try and make it positive.
  •  Try to not show them that you are upset as the child could interpret that you are not leaving them in a safe space – that it’s sad.

3. Starting Care

On your first day of care, try and leave as much time as possible. Being in a rush at drop off can be stressful for both of you. Allow enough time to say a proper goodbye to your child. With your goodbyes, be firm and reassure your child that you love them and will be back to pick them up. It is also best not to stay and drag out farewells as this can also make the situation harder. Our educators will assist and make the child feel welcomed and comfortable. For your added peace of mind, feel free to call us to make sure that your child has settled in ok and that they are enjoying their day. We provide daily updates on our app so you can see what your child has been up to during the day.

On our website, we have provided a list of items to bring with you on their first day.

If you have any questions at all our amazing Centre Managers and educators are always there.