Getting started with us


We invite all families to attend an orientation process before commencing at our centres, which is focused on the individual needs of each child and assists them to adjust into a new environment.

For some children it may be helpful to start the child with shorter periods of time in care, starting with half days for the first few days, than gradually increasing to a full day.  We encourage parents/careers to bring their child, and stay for a few hours with them at the centre before commencing their first day. Ongoing, open communication with families provides a valuable support framework for new children settling in.

What to bring

Each day your child will need the following:

  • At least 2 full sets of clothes, including socks clearly labeled
  • A jacket for the colder weather
  • Comforters such as a dummy if necessary
  • Bedding
  • Hat
  • Water bottle

Please label all items with your child’s name.

Other items for nursery aged children may be required; your Centre Manager will be able to provide you a list upon enrolment. 

If you have any further questions, our friendly Centre Managers will be able to answer your questions.

Arrivals/Pick up

Upon arrival, families will be assisted to sign in their child on the ipads in the foyer, find their child’s locker and accompany your child into the room. The room leader will settle the child by offering breakfast if it is early or introducing them to an experience in the room.

It is important to always say goodbye to your child at drop-off and re-assure them that you will be back later in the day to pick them up. This helps them have a sense of security rather than quickly dropping them off.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when the child is distressed when their parent (or loved one) departs. Children’s adjustment into the childcare centre may vary. Some children take only a day or so to feel at home, whilst other children may take several weeks or months. Try not to worry if your child is not settling. It is a new experience for both of you and one, which must be handled consistently. Always feel free to phone or to talk the staff about your child’s day. It is important to create a trusting relationship with your child, so please do not assume that your departure will be less painful if you leave while your child is busy with an activity. Always say goodbye and tell them that you will be back in the afternoon to pick them up. Give them hug and kiss before departing. Our Educator’s will also communicate via our Kindyhub app where you will be able to receive updates and photos on how your child’s day is progressing.

Sun Smart

Our centres takes care to protect children and team members from direct exposure to the sun. This is extremely important as children are very vulnerable to the damage of UV rays. Our centres abides by all state regulations and the child care building code about the amount of manufactured and natural shade available in our playground. Shade structures are maintained and regular maintenance checks and safety checks are conducted as required, initiated by each centre manager.

We recommend that parents pack clothing for children that will protect them from the sun, including a hat, longer sleeved t-shirt and loose clothing that covers most of their body (eg no midriffs or bare backs). We also ask that parents apply sunscreen to their child upon arrival at our centres. Sunscreen can always be found in the entrance/foyer of each of our centres.