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  • Welcome to St George Montessori Engadine Early Learning Centre

    St George Montessori Engadine provides exceptional and high-quality care and education to children aged 6 weeks through to 6 years, creating life-long bonds with our children, families and the community. 

    Our environments are warm and inviting, encouraging children to engage with their peers, educators and the learning environment. Our rooms are flexible providing the opportunity to be adapted based on the learning that is taking place, encouraging the children to extend their knowledge and skills through project based learning, intentional teaching moments, interest based experiences that are planned for through careful observation and analysis of learning to determine where and how to extend the learning experience.

    Our curriculum is based on modern Montessori that draws on the Early Years Learning Framework, supported by the National Quality Framework and Australian Curriculum. It is vital that as educators we are using the Early Years Framework as this is the foundation for our children as they enter primary school, and by linking to the Australian Curriculum we are able to provide children with the skills that they will require as they transition into their formal education. 

    Our educators are passionate and dedicated Early Childhood Educators holding a range of qualifications and experience including Early Childhood Teachers, Diploma trained educators, Certificate III educators and Certificate III trainees. Our Educators combine their professional and personal experiences to create warm, inviting and engaging environments for our children to explore, play and learn.  Our curriculum is developed by our educators who have engaged in the planning cycle, engaged in discussions with the children and families to identify key interest areas and use these to promote all learning areas. We support our educators in their own professional development by providing training, support, mentorship and opportunities to progress and grow within our company.

    We always strive to be better than we were yesterday and provide the strongest foundation for each child’s pathway into their future. We are fortunate to be able to do this through our connections with the local community including inviting the local emergency services in to engage our children in life-long learning of caring for themselves and their community; inviting parents and families in to run small groups that help our children learn about other cultures and develop new skills; holding incursions that promote skills and knowledge development; and excursions to help our children connect with their community.

    We encourage early literacy and numeracy skills across the service, engaging our children in play based learning experiences that promote the development, practice and mastery of skills, building upon these and extending them as they grow.

    In our preschool room, our children engage in a school readiness program that is based on both intentional teaching and play based learning. We engage in excursions to local schools as part of our transition to school program, providing our children the opportunity to explore and engage in the school grounds.

    At St George Montessori Engadine Early Learning Centre we support digital learning. We provide a technology based learning program including early literacy and numeracy experiences such as Reading Eggs and Study Ladder accessible on our two classroom desktop computers.

  • Overview

    • Our Director

      Alysha Bruscino
      I have been in the childcare industry for over 8 years. I started studying my certificate III in 2010 not long after graduating from High School, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and found my interest in childcare. I soon completed my Diploma in Children Services in 2011 and have worked fulltime in childcare since. I have held roles such as Assistant Educator, Lead Educator/Room Leader, Assistant Centre Manager and Centre Manager. I have worked with children of all ages including before and after school aged children, I have a passion and interest in inclusion support within the industry and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education and Masters. I love my role and the opportunity I get to help shape little minds and provide an environment that is enriched with learning opportunities for all children to learn and develop.

  • We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    Parent involvement is an important part of the culture at our centre, where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Special activities are arranged during the year to allow all family members to partake in the centre’s activities and a chance to meet other families.

    • Open 52 weeks of the year, 7am - 6pm daily
    • Long day care and preschool 0-6 years
    • School readiness, computer and yoga classes
    • Highly qualified and experienced staff
    • High levels of security and surveillance
    • Hot nutritious meals
    • 2 spacious fun filled outdoor playgrounds (separate to toddler's area)
    • Learning & Fun

      We provide a safe and secure centre that promotes learning and fun.

    • Healthy Meals

      We provide all children with “HOT” Nutritious meals.

    • Friendly Place

      We offer your child a warm and friendly space where they can learn, grow, make friends and have fun.

    • Children Safety

      We have a team of trained childcare experts who take great care of every child that enters our grounds.

    • The staff at St George Montessori Engadine Early Learning Centre are amazing. So kind and caring towards the children and quick to listen to the children and respond to any parental concerns. Staff also encourage the children to develop their own interests during their daily activities and play. It is also clear that the staff spend a lot of time developing fun and innovative educational programs for the children, with a strong emphasis on independence, diversity and the environment. When my eldest daughter enrolled in kindergarten, I noticed that she had been socially and academically well prepared for the transition to school. I would highly recommend St George Montessori Engadine Early Learning Centre daycare to any parent

    • I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and have used various daycare’s in Kindergartens and this is by far the very best I have ever used.

      Emma E. Shook
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