Kindergarten Program (Ages 4-6 years old)

Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school but for life.

At St George Montessori, we provide children entering school age, with a variety of experiences that will help make the transition to school, a positive and smooth experience, through a supportive transition program.

We offer a variety of developmentally appropriate educational programs to help prepare your child for the challenges of kindergarten, first grade and beyond, including:

Our extensive school readiness program covers off both social and educational development. To foster children’s coping abilities, social and self-esteem development is critical. The self-esteem of all children is enhanced through attainment of development skills, successful social interactions with peers and adults, opportunities to make decisions and to contribute to the group.

Is is also important to provide opportunities for children to experience writing and reading skills, mathematical and science concepts in their daily program.

Examples from our program include:  

  • The development of the concept that written words are actual thoughts set down on paper.
  • Early exercises to practice reading and to gain the concept of a noun, by labeling objects.
  • Reading specially selected or prepared books on topics that really interest the child, such as in science, geography, nature or history.
  • Learning to sound out and spell simple phonic words using movable alphabets.
  • Learning to write by using special tilted upright blackboards.       
  • Learning concepts such as addition/subtraction & learning to count to 25.

Mixing ages provides our kindergarten children with opportunities to develop self-esteem, leadership skills and responsibility, giving the children greater social diversity. This is the ‘leadership year’ where they have friends of all ages.

Our staff will provide written information about school readiness and will hold a parent information session at the beginning of the year to discuss and outline the long-term goals for the year. Each of our centres has partnerships with local schools in the community which excursions are run to help familiarise children with the concept of ‘Primary School’.

Kindergarten Daily Routine (4-6 year olds)

Below is a sample of a typical daily routine of the Kindergarten room. These timings and activities are subject to change per centre.

Centre opens/Breakfast and free play
Morning Montessori time and Montessori presentations
Morning Tea
Group time/discussion time
Lunch Lunch
Rest Time/quiet time
School Readiness/movement and music/art and craft
Afternoon Afternoon Tea
Circle time/news/discussion time
Evening Snack/Free play
Pick up/closing