Uniting Roberts Lodge Peakhurst visits St George Montessori

This week at Peakhurst, we had a lovely visit from Uniting Roberts Lodge at Peakhurst. The children showed the elderly their favourite Montessori activities, played bingo, collected eggs from the chickens, sang their Easter songs and had morning tea together. The children also made scones early in the morning for our special guests. Thank you so much for visiting us! Everyone had a wonderful time. We love being involved in such a wonderful community.

Peakhurst donates care packages to Australian Troops overseas

Over the past week our families and staff at Peakhurst have been donating many different foods to go into care packages for our troops who are deployed overseas. They are being sent off today so they arrive before ANZAC DAY. The clever cookies also took the time to learn about the many operations that our troops are currently involved in overseas to serve our country. They also created artwork to include in the care packages with the hope of inspiring and encouraging the troops. The children wanted to remind them all that they are doing a great job! A big thank you to everyone who has donated items for the care packages!

St George Montessori Kingsgrove – Walk for Autism

At St George Montessori we are lucky enough to develop close relationships with many children, in particular children on the Autism spectrum, this is why all our educators at Kingsgrove have joined the walk for Autism aiming to walk over 10,000 steps a day for 8 days.

Autism Spectrum Australia Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is about finding the right support, understanding individual strengths, interests and aspirations, there is no ”one size fits all” solution.

Help make our steps count and support our efforts by donating now, big or small, any amount will help us get one step closer towards a world where no one is left behind.


School Readiness at Peakhurst West

Our school readiness program has commenced at Peakhurst West. The Clever Cookies have been practicing their letters, cutting activities and developing their pre-writing skills.

Both our Montessori program and school readiness program prepare children for a head start at Primary School.

These activities develop:

  1. Correct pencil grip
  2. Refining fine motor skills
  3. Developing hand and eye coordination
  4. Learning how to write their name
  5. Learning shapes and being familiar with letters and spelling
  6. Using scissors and cutting activities
  7. Social skills and confidence
  8. Ability to work in a team environment

All our centres provide our preschool aged children with an extensive school readiness program.

For more information, please contact your local St George Centre.

Recipe of the Month February 2019: Dumplings

In celebration of Chinese New Year this month, we wanted to share with you our dumpling recipe from Kingsgrove.

The Little Ducklings (0-2 year olds) had so much fun making these. They are easy to make from home and really yummy!


Mix in a big bowl

  1. 2 diced onions
  2. 1 Tbs minced garlic
  3. 1 Tbs sesame oil
  4. 2 cups of diced Chinese cabbage
  5. 2 kg pork mince
  6. 1/4 cup plain flour
  7. 2 Tbs corn flour
  8. 3 Tbs soy sauce
  9. pinch of salt

2 packets of dumpling wrappers


  1. Working with one piece at a time, add about a tablespoon of filling to the middle of the dumpling wrapper and then fold the ends up and over the filling. Twist the top of the dough so it sticks together.
  2. Once you have 12 dumplings done, let them rest for 20-30 minutes before streaming them.
  3. Add the dumplings to a bamboo steamer, leaving some space between each dumpling to prevent them from sticking together and steam them over a pot or wok until they are cooked through (takes roughly 15 mins). To make sure the don’t stick together, lightly oil the steamer or lay down some lettuce leaves in the bottom of the steaming racks.
  4. Let the dumplings cool briefly when they come out of the steamer and serve immediately.

Sustainability at St George Montessori

Sustainability is really important to us and it is woven into our daily program so we can teach the children the importance of caring and making a difference to the environment.

A few fun ways that we support sustainability are:

  1. Chickens: Our chickens are at all of our centres. Not only does it encourage nature play but the children collect the eggs daily and these are used in cooking at the Centre. Lunch scraps are given to both our chickens and the worms in our worm farms.  The chickens also help to keep away pests from our veggie gardens which makes our vegetables organic as we don’t use any sprays on them.
  2. Veggie Gardens: Each centre has it’s own vegetable patch and gardens. Part of the daily routine is caring for these plants and the children are encouraged to water them. Vegetables are collected and used in our recipes.
  3. Worm Farms/Compost: Our centres are also home to worms! Worms help with creating our fertiliser for our gardens and they also love scraps which means nothing goes to waste!

Sustainability practices teach our children that caring for the environment is important and there are simple ways that we can do to help make our planet greener!

Recipe of the Month: Pizza

Each month we are going to share a favourite recipe from one of our centres, so you can make it at home!

This month Peakhurst has shared their Pizza recipe!


  1. 2 cups (500grams) wholemeal flour
  2. Pinch of salt
  3. Pinch of sugar
  4. 1 tsp yeast
  5. 2 tsp oil
  6. ¾ water (depending on flour brand)


  1. 3 tbs tomato sauce
  2. 300 gram mozzarella cheese
  3. ½ cup olives
  4. ½ cup mushrooms
  5. ½ cup capsicum


  1. Combine flour, salt, sugar, yeast, oil and water until soft and doughy
  2. Roll the mixture flat
  3. Spread out tomato sauce over the dough
  4. Add toppings
  5. Cook in 180°oven for 15/20 minutes

Here are some of the children making their pizzas at Peakhurst.

Centre Manager of the Month – Alysha Bruscino

Each month we have staff award which celebrates our amazing team and their great contribution!

This month’s Centre Manager of the Month Award goes to Alysha from Engadine.

Alysha works hard to create a great environment for the children and her team and has really gone above and beyond over the last few months.

Well done and congratulations Alysha!